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Gift ideas by Gautheron Jewelry in Dijon


Surprise your loved ones with luxury and high quality gifts.

For all types of occasions, from birthday to Christmas gift through the wedding list, Valentine’s Day ... Enjoy every moment to please your wife, your husband, your friends or your family (children, parents, etc.).

To advise you and to give you access to a wide selection of items, trust your jeweler - watchmaker from the city center of Dijon (21 Côte d'Or, Burgundy): the Gautheron jewelry.

Emblematic house in the entire region, Gautheron offers not only many pieces of jewelry, watches but also high-end costume jewelry.

The Gautheron jewelry also has many luxury items, apart from jewelry and watches, to suit all your needs and satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Leather goods

Enhance your look with a bag, a wallet, a purse, a briefcase ...


The accessories

Express your style with a scarf, a tie or a pen set


Decoration and tableware

Magnify your home and your table decorations


Burgundy Cup

In the tradition of Burgundy, the cup was a wedding gift.

The couple drank the wine offered at the exit of the church and it is still in this same cup that we offered hot wine to the woman who just gave birth to her child.

The same cup bearing two names, a date, reappeared at baptisms, birthdays, silver weddings, all life. Then the mother offered it to her daughter and other names on the other side, contained another union. The custom lasted more than three centuries from the 17th to the 19th century.

The handles are finely worked, in the shape of a snake or salamander. On the foot, rows of pearls make each cup an original and valuable piece.



For both men and women, you will always find the perfect gift in your Dijon jewelry.
Gautheron real asset, the variety of products offered make them accessible to all. For every taste and every budget, you will find accessories of all kinds, decorative objects (statues, vases, frames ...) or tableware (silverware, cutlery ...).


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Your jeweler - watchmaker, the Gautheron Jewelry, welcomes you to the city center of Dijon (21 Côte d'Or, Burgundy) and presents jewelry and watches from top brands for all types of occasion.